Release Date/2011.07   (ISBN/5104082717)

CocoaBed可可床,來自臺北的電子流行樂團,2009年組成至2011年解散。期間積極參與台灣大小展演活動,包含各音樂祭、商演、Livehouse巡演等等,並於創作競賽中屢獲佳績。在樂團中主要負責詞曲創作、編曲與合成器演奏。同名EP於和平阿帕音樂工作室製作、美國Golden Mastering後期母帶處理,2011年七月發行。

An indie-pop band formed in 2010, participated in most of the activities of indie-music in Taiwan. The critic described CocoaBed's music as “the colorful bubbles reflect electronically suspended particles.” which indicated the features of the naughty, dexterous and easy listening styles in the songs. I have accumulated ripe experience in performance and creation during the band process, played not only the role as the band leader, but also the songwriter, arranger, and producer. This EP was recorded in He-Ping-Apa Studio, mastered at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA.

CocoaBed, 可可床, 樂團, indie, music, 獨立音樂, 台灣, Taiwan