以Ambint與electroacoustic為主的個人現場音樂Side Project,以與樂團與個人聲音藝術創作做區隔。有別於過去參與樂團與商業音樂製作的方式,主要使用Max/MSP進行音訊處理,轉化聲音素材以拼貼多樣色彩。受英倫電音(如Holy Other、Burial等)及電聲作曲(Electroacoustic composition)影響,嘗試在合成器基底上,結合環境錄音與人聲取樣,在迷離電氣氛圍中緩慢漂移。沈浮之間,時間彷彿被攤平,昨天與今天連成一線,懸宕於同一時空,半夢又半醒。

Neoteny is Po-Hao Chi’s personal music project that converts unexpected sounds and objects in daily lives into a cluster of collective memory with fragments of life stories. Soundtracks from daily lives are accompanied by everything beautiful or cruel, slowly floating between the reality and fantasy.

2016 混種現場藝術季 On Site Festival (2016.09,花博公園爭艷館)
2016 《The Redmond Files》聲音藝術專輯,Joy of Sound,英國
2015 國藝會新人新視野《小小小國度》音樂製作(2015.12)
2015 派樂黛唱片F1-哲人之石合輯(2015.08)
2015 古斯塔.薩克希展覽開幕演出(2015.03,少少-原始感覺實驗所)

The Redmond Files is a Sonic Arts concept album created by the inclusive music charity Joy of Sound (JOS). Various artists were invited to use and interpret a live recording made by JOS participants at the Redmond Community Centre March 2015, to produce their own piece from the material. Over 20 artists have contributed to this album. The pieces range from music, to Audio Visual and Sonic Art. 

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