Misplaced Resonance 錯置共鳴

2016 Waley Art, Taipei, Taiwan
Sound installation


This work is one of the compositional version of “Repercussions” project. These found objects were collected in Taipei from junk yards. With contact mic and surface transducers attached, each object plays the role of a sound mirror and speaker. The object then filters and highlights the resonance of the material, amplifies and redirects it back into the objects through the surface transducer. The evolving drone sound comes from the vibrations of these found objects, each attached with surface transducers, blended into the resonances of the material itself through multi-channel configuration. Through the constant amplification and resonant feedback of subtle vibrations, the individual resonant frequency of the each object is "mirrored" and unfolded within the material itself. The audience chooses their own way to listen, when the resonance has been misplaced, the dissonant and incongruous audio will provide the listener a delicate listening experience.


demo video: