Interlocked Immersion

INTERFACE – New Music for Organ and Electronics
Electroacoustic Composition
演出時間:12 May 2014
發表地點:Union Chapel, London
Electronic: Chi Po-Hao

此為倫敦一百年教堂Union Chapel的創作徵件計劃,邀請新銳作曲家為教堂內的管風琴譜寫新曲,鼓勵結合電子元素或其他創新嘗試,並與蘇格蘭知名風琴演奏家Roger William共同演出。本曲作結合圖像化作曲以及自體運作系統,讓樂手在既定框架中,與不可預期的反饋聲響即興互動,使聲響呈現與動態上更為豐富多樣。計劃發展過程包含數次工作坊,讓作曲家學習管風琴操作與構造,並利用教堂特殊迴響來發展作品。是個很有趣的經驗。

The Union Chapel Organ Project presents the special cooperation of new music for Organ from the Unit for Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. 
The concert showcases works that were composed during The Organ Project University Workshop Series with Roger B. Williams, exploring the interface between electronic and acoustic music.

This composition can be regarded as separate components in the form of graphic score. I applied the concept of self-organizing system for audio processing. The organ part and the real-time audio feedback are inter-related, in which the organ phrases trigger the feedback while the performer is free to improvise accordingly to the unexpected feedback. It is this type of unpredictability that forms the core element of this work.

The graphic score for organ aims to use the visual symbols as a media for me to convey my intentions to the performer. These symbols include geometric shapes, linear lines and waves to be played in a specific time as indicated and explained by the use of keys.