3-channel video, generative sound, 2016

Modern societies and cities maintain their order through quantization and standardization. The lighting system allows people to take advantage of the nighttime to expand the leisure and economic activities, no longer confined to sunrise and sunset as well as seasonal weather and other natural rhythms, also has nothing to do with personal feelings and differences in lifestyle. For this reason, people finally have ability to follow, to schedule all the tasks in their “daily life” as the routine. There are clear expectations for when to do what.

The daily movings and behaviors in the public spaces shaped our memories of the city. Different streets and routes evoke the variety of urban life, which are the elements that constructed the collective memory. When more and more building buildings, artificial lighting more convenient, the city’s atmosphere has become more and more impatient. Through this series of videos, I would like to observe and discuss the regularity and order in daily life from different spatial and temporal dimensions through its explicit and connotation rhythm.