2021 Art, Culture and Technology, Master of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Goldsmiths, University of London, Master of Music in Studio Composition (Pass with Distinction)
2011 National Taiwan University, Bachelors of Art in Social Science, Economics major

Work Experience

2022- Chinese Culture University Master Program in Arts & Technology, Assistant Professor
2019-2020 National Tsing-Hua University Music Department, Lecturer
2017-         Zone Sound Creative Co., Ltd, Founder
2012-2017 Changee Culture Co., Ltd, Art Director
2012-2014 AnalogueMotions Co., Ltd (Digilog), Co-founder
2011-2014  Neutron Culture Co., Ltd, In-house Songwriter
2011-2012 Art Space, Concert and Exhibition Promoter
2011          Community Empowerment Society R.O.C., Intern
2010-2011 Retina Studio, Sound Designer


July-Sep 2022        18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, US
June-July 2021         Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain
May-Aug 2019          National Theater and Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Jul-Sep 2018             Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool, UK
Sep-Nov 2016           LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, Spain
Jul-Aug 2016            PageNEXT & Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Aug 2015-Feb 2016 Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France
Jul-Sep 2014             V2_Lab of Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherland

Solo/Project Exhibition

Dec 2023 “Resonance of Moisture”, Hong Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar 2019 “Listening Machine”, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
Apr 2017 “Everyday Trace”  Public Art Project, College of Social Science, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan
Dec 2016 “Routine”, G Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Nov 2016 “Lightscape”, Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon, Spain
Jun 2016 “Repercussions: Chanchu Shan Project”, MouArt, Beijing, China
Apr 2016 “Space Is Only Noise If You Can See“, Waley Art, Taipei, Taiwan
Feb 2016 “REPETEND”, Jed Voras Gallery, Paris, France

Group Exhibition (Selected)

2022 Interfaces of the Invisible, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico
2022 Deploy in Shoushan: Exhibition in Sizihwan Bay Tunnel, Taiwan Design Expo, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2022 The Fantasy of Sound-5 Senses Journey, Biennial on Children’s Art Education, Juming Museum, Taiwan
2022 “3000 Years Among Microbes”, New Taipei Gallery, New Taipei, Taiwan
2021 “Plastic Soup- Invisible Matters”, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2021 “Design for Taipei”, Kishu An Forest of Literature, Taipei
2021 PostSensorium. “Stranger Senses”, Ars Electronica-A New Digital Deal
2021 “Blue Cables in Venetian Watercourse”, Power Station of Art, Online
2021 “The Wonderful Creepiness”, Jing Lü Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2021 “Redirecting”, Tree Museum, Beijing, China
2020 FLARE International New Media Art Festival, Shanghai, China
2020 “Who Feels At Home In The Visible World”, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, Online
2020 “Digital Twins”, Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery, Online
2020 “Aperture”, Museum of Fiber Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2020 “attraper le JE・champs de JEU“, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2019 “Once Upon a Time”, Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan
2019 “Landmark”, Matsu Art Village, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2019 “Very Natural Actions“, TAI KAI Centre for Heritage & Arts, Hong Kong
2019 “Body Electric”, The Place Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan
2019 “Initial Resonance”, Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 “A Tree Fell in the Forest, and No One’s There, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
2018 “ARAMONO Interactive Sound”, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taiwan
2018 “Rising Force”, Creative Expo Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “Echoes and Trajectory”, Sianguang 2nd Military Village, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2017 “True Intension“, Taipei New Horizon Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “Street Fun, Fun Street”, MOCA X Community Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “hello, world”, Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival, Taoyuan Arts Center, Taiwan
2017 “Waves in Time and Space”, Sound and Music Computing Conference, Helsinki, Finland
2017 “Bubbling Universe”, FILE-Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 OISTAT Soundscore Exhibit, World Stage Design, Taiwan
2017 “Youth, Electronic, Party”, Taoyuan Arts Cinema, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2016 “Nuit Blanche Taipei”, 228 Peace Memorial Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Micro Experience”, Shenzhen Art Fair, Shenzhen, China
2016 “Regeneration Movement-Rethinking Technology in Digital Age”, NTMoFA, Taiwan
2015 “HARMONY””, Taoyuan Arts Award, Taoyuan Arts Center, Taiwan
2014 14th Taipei Fine Art Award, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
2014 “TEST Lab: Summer Sessions”, V2_lab of Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherland


2021 The Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts First Prize, MIT, US
2021 Taiwan-Latin America Cultural Exchange Grant, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2020 NextTheater Project, Selected Artist, National Theater and Concert Hall, Taiwan
2020 Distant Residency Grant, Transmedia Storytelling Initiative, US
2020 Study Abroad Scholarship (Top in the New Media Art Group), Ministry of Education, Taiwan
2020 Art & Technology Development Funding, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2019-2021 CAMIT & Pilot Art Grants, Council for the Arts at MIT, US
2019 Cultural Exchange & Production Grant for “Selected Ambient Airs” project, British Council, UK
2018 Art Base Program Selected artist, National Theater and Concert Hall, Taiwan
2018 Regular grants (Music), National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
2018 Tech x Art Residency Program Selected Artist, NTMoFA, Taiwan
2017 iMatch Competition Second Prize in CultureTech Group, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2017 Taipei New Horizon Art Festival Winning Work, Taipei New Horizon Foundation, Taiwan
2017 Ju Percussion Group Laboratory, Ju Percussion Group Foundation, Taiwan
2017 Cultural & Creative Industries Funding Startup Group, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2016 Tech x Art Residency Program Selected Artist, NTMoFA, Taiwan
2015 My First Show Program (Visual Art), Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2015 Overseas Residency Project, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2014 14th Taipei Arts Award Selected Artwork, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
2014 11th Wanderer Project, Cloud Gate Foundation, Taiwan
2014 Tech x Art Residency Program Selected Artist, NTMoFA, Taiwan
2014 Indie Music Production and Marketing Subsidy, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2013 Overseas Arts Travel, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
2011 South Music Award Selected Music, Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Taiwan


APR 2019 Yunshuyachi Ensemble “Song of Wordlessness” Composer, TCO, Zhongshan Hall, Taiwan
Nov 2018 SlowIsland Troupe “Woman from Indochina” Music and Sound Design, Taoyuan Iron Rose Festival, Taiwan
Oct 2018 “ReDefine” Sound Design, Ju Percussion Laboratory, NTU Center for the Arts, Taiwan
Apr 2018 “Rooty Mental” Sound artist, A ROOT, Zhongshan Hall, Taiwan
Dec 2017 Music Theater “Industrial City” Sound design, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan
Jul 2017 Installation Theater “Echoes of our Childhood” Sound Design, Centro Cultural de Macau, Macau
Apr 2017 Soundscape Theater “Back to the Catastrophic Typhoon of 1874” Sound artist, Macau Art Festival, Macau
Feb 2017 Openbox “Echoes of Our Memories” Music director, Centro Cultural de Macau, Macau
Nov 2016 “Well Come” Sound design, Imprint Macau Dance Association, Macau
Oct 2016 “The Redmond Files”, Joy Of Sound Foundation, UK
Nov 2015 “Tiny Kingdom” Music Design, Hsu Chen Wei Production, Taiwan


June 2023 New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Mexico City, Mexico
May 2018 EUREKA, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (WeiWuYing), Taiwan
Mar 2018 Convergence Session International delegate, Convergence Festival, London, UK
Dec 2017 “Culture, Technology, New Thinking” DOIT Annual MeetingInstitute for Information Industry, Taiwan
Jul 2017 14th Sound and Music Computing Conference Selected Work, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Jul 2017 Sound Design Group Keynote Speaker, World Stage Design, Taiwan
Dec 2016 Joint WOCMAT-IRCAM Forum Conference Selected Work, Taiwan
May 2016 “Hi! Contemporary Art” SalonShenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Mar 2014 INTER/Actions Symposium, Bangor New Music Festival, UK

Live Performance (Selected)

Oct 2018 AROMONO Interactive Performance, Taipei, Taiwan
Apr 2018 PRACTICExWind, Artists Space, New York, US
Sep 2016 On Site Festival, Taipei Expo Park, Taiwan
Aug 2016 Noise to Signal 0.36, SAAL, Hong Kong, China
Jul 2016 An Improvised Wednesday, fRUITYSHOP, Beijing, China
Dec 2015 unPublic, La Générale, Paris, France
Nov 2015 EAVI XIV, Amersham Arms, London UK
Nov 2015 undertone//01, Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
Jul 2015 “Sentient Beings Faces”, Brass Livehouse, Yinchuan, China
Jul 2015 “North Sound” Experimental Concert, Yutao space, Lanzhou, China
Jun 2015 Zoomin Night, XP Livehouse, Beijing, China
Jun 2016 Live Coding Performance, ET@T, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar 2015 “INSOMNIA SLEEPING PARTY”, SiuSiu, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar 2015 “Time As Prologue” Sound Performance, Noise Kitchen, Taipei, Taiwan
Sep 2014 “Call and Response”, Asia Triennial Manchester, Manchester, UK
May 2014 “Interface: New Music For Organ and Electronics”, Union Chapel, London, UK
May 2014 PureGold Festival, Southbank Centre, London, UK
May 2014 City-Goldsmiths Exchange Concert, London, UK
Mar 2014 “SONIC MALFUNCTIONS”, Goldsmiths College, London, UK
Jul 2013 Lack Sound Festival#73, Noise Kitchen, Taipei, Taiwan