Resonance of Moisture 潮濕的共鳴

Space installation with Sounds, Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Flood-Mud Ceramics, Environmental Sensor and Documentation, 2023

Project Description

“Resonance of Moisture” derives from the artist’s experiences in Xizhi, brought to life through close collaboration with local communities, visiting various water bodies and management facilities to trace the essence of water. Xizhi, formerly known as “Tsui-Tng-Ka,” is named after the tidal reversal of the Keelung River. The exhibition, grounded in the hydrological environment and history of Xizhi, explores how people manage the water around them—river, rain, or moisture—and how such interactions are intricately reflected in daily life.

Is there a sensory connection between routinely minor water-related mishaps and catastrophic large-scale flooding in urban settings? Through crowd participation, field research, and environmental sensing, the artist has assembled numerous water-related elements to explore further how everyday appliances—such as dehumidifiers and humidifiers—and smart home devices mediate and augment our sensory experiences. Stemming from people’s reliance on and concerns about water, the exhibition crafts an embodied spatial experience depicting the cyclical journey of water.