Soundscapes of Broadcasting

Participatory Sound Art Project and Multichannel Audio Installation, 2023

The graphical instruction for volunteers.

Project Description

Soundscapes of Broadcasting” transforms radio broadcasting into a participatory art form, inviting audiences to experience the fleeting sounds that shape our moments and surroundings. This project captures the essence of radio as a medium for ephemeral listening, presenting broadcasts of unique live events as a rich tapestry of auditory narratives intertwined with daily life.

Central to the project is audience participation, where individuals embark on a unique auditory journey. Participants are guided through a systematic process of scanning and recording from the lowest to the highest frequencies of the AM/FM bands. This exploration through the airwaves captures fragments of broadcasts – news, music, dialogues, and other sound narratives – each channel switch, offering a glimpse into the diverse and rich spectrum of the radio medium.

The project is conducted at specific times of day and in different locations and underscores the impact of time and place on auditory experiences. These distinctive soundscapes challenge traditional radio listening habits and highlight the temporal nature of broadcasts. In this process, we encounter a reflection akin to Henri Lefebvre’s rhythmanalysis, recognizing the cyclical and repetitive nature of radio programming and its mirroring of societal and cultural dynamics.

“Soundscapes of Broadcasting” reimagines radio as an interface for engaging with unseen signals. Tuning becomes a tool for sensory expansion, bridging the observable and the hidden. This project allows participants to connect with the intangible, encouraging reflection on how traditional media echo the rhythms orchestrating our aural world.

Put ’em in a Box

2023 Put ’em in a Box, Sonic Sensory Lab, Taiwan

Demo Track