Talking with Memories

Outdoor participatory installation, 2017

True Intention: Outdoor installation as one of the winning works at Taipei New Horizon Festival, 2017


The experience of our daily life shapes our memory and perception. Walking the same road and following the same routine day after day, people enjoy the convenience and safety of a city while overwhelmed by its hustle and bustle and the sense of alienation that comes after. Their interest in urban areas emanates predominantly from how they relate to their everyday life. If people scrutinize the seemingly mundane routine, they will discover a variety of hidden wonders.

Talking with Memories integrates the element of lighting to design an interactive music interface. By treading, hitting, and knocking, the audience can activate assorted environmental sounds collected in the city. A musical aspect of the mutually interwoven sounds is thus manifested, interspersing the joint spaces. Here, we transformed found objects into resonance chambers. Figurative and abstract sounds permeate a space by co-vibrating with different materials. The audience thus feels as if the whisperings of those objects surround them.

Rustling leaves, thrumming rain, hubbubs, and noisy traffic in the city. Our life brims with all kinds of sounds: some are noises; others, on the other hand, trigger deja vus from the fragments of our memory. Talking with Memories aims to create a ‘field of association’ that superimposes different human perceptions. The experimental mixture of elements inspires us to discover our daily life’s scenery that we often neglected due to busyness.

Talking with Memories is one of the winning works in the 2017 Taipei New Horizon Festival, titled True Intention, selected from more than 600 submitted proposals. There are 2 selected projects in that year.

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This project was commissioned by Taipei Horizon Foundation