Low Frequency Pulsers

年份 Year:2016
媒材 Medium:Monitors, Electrotherapy machine, Effect Pedals
地點 Place:水谷藝術 Waley Arts

Low Frequency Pulsers 低週波脈衝

將電療機發出的脈衝波視為電子原聲的音色,經過效果器串接後,直接輸入數個舊式顯示器中;不同的顯示器,會因其使用過程中所造成的機械與電路狀態差異,而對相同訊源生成動態、質地各異的類比影音回饋。本聲音裝置試圖向大衛・都鐸(David Tudor)的於1976年發表的現場電子曲目Pulsers致敬。
Take pulse wave produced by diathermy machine as timbre of electronics, I input concatenated effects unit into a few antique monitors. Different monitors would respond dynamic analogy audio/video to same source based on the usage which causes different condition of machine and circuit. This sound installation pays respect to the live electronic song “Pulsers” by David Tudor in 1976.