年份 Year:2016
媒材 Medium:Audio drivers, Metal Stands, Multi-channel sound system
地點 Place:Jed Voras Gallery

“Repetend” is a project developed during the residency period in Cité Internationale des arts. I took portable recorders out to parks, subway stations, streets and other public spaces in Paris and separately made individual recordings in the same place for 24 hours, then condensed the recordings into abstract noises. These “Time-lapse Phonography” soundtracks are the result of condensing 24-hour long files, originally recorded in public and private places in Paris, through a 256 times speed acceleration. They attempt to illustrate the rhythm of place and space, and the variation occurring between urban soundscapes. For the presentation in Jed Voras gallery, the sound comes from the multi-channel installation with the minimal appearance that amplified the condensed field recordings independently. The immersive drone noise shows the rhythms that connect the structure of soundscapes and the footages of the artist’s personal life.

“Repetend”為藝術家於巴黎西帖國際藝術村駐村時發展的計畫之一,延續「時間濃縮」與「空間的節奏」等作品中的錄音實踐,,將與獨立藝術平台The Voyerist合作,於Jed Voras藝廊展出現地製作的聲音裝置。法國哲學家Lefebvre認為,日常生活與節奏的關係並非恆常不變,「節奏」可被視為某一動作的重複,但又不僅是如此。本計劃將巴黎周遭的環境錄音加速上百倍,經由不同地點的「縮時錄音」,在看似抽象的壓縮噪音中,呈現都會空間的音景節奏,並延伸建構時間認知的過程,讓聽者得以從另一角度感知環境中的聲響流動。在展覽呈現的多聲道裝置將不同地點的壓縮噪音各自獨立地連動播放,讓流動聲響反映連結了音景結構與個人生活片段的節奏。


Places of the recordings include:
Cité Internationale des arts, Paris 4th ARR.
Nearby Bastille, Paris 12th ARR.
Saint-Michel Notre-Dame, Paris 5th ARR.
Jed Voras Open space, Paris 13th ARR.
Studio at Montmartre, Paris 18th ARR.
Beside the tramway, Montrouge, Paris 14th District
High school campus, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 92051
Bérault station, Vincennes, 94080


Soundtracks from the limited edition CDs

The exhibition is curated by Michela ALESSANDRINI and Ekaterina SHCHERBAKOVA within the frame of The Voyerist (, with the partnership of Cité Internationale des Arts and the Centre Culturel de Taiwan à Paris.

Press released for “Repetend” exhibition from The Voyerist