Phonovoltaic Effect

Interactive Sound-light installation, 2014

Phonovoltaic Effect

This work can be considered as art driven by scientific fact, the abstract concept of energy transformation passes the physical rules to enable the viewer to evaluate the changes in the space. Energy transformation occurs all around us all the time, yet we are hardly ever aware of it. Inspired on the ability of plants to convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis, the installation Phonosynthesis converts light energy into chemical energy through a chain of energy conversions: The automatically controlled bulbs produce the lights, a solar panel transform this light into sound, and finally this sound is transformed into chemical energy inside the plants. The plants keep growing and affecting the sound during the exhibition period, just like a gradually evolving instrument playing an composition from the preprogrammed light pattern, giving the viewer a unique listening experience with both audible and visible feedbacks.

V2_Institute of unstable media, 2014

National Taiwan Fine Arts Museum, 2016

This project was realized as part of the Summer Sessions in a co-production between National Taiwan Fine Arts Museum and V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media. More information on V2 official page.

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