Autogenous Noise

Medium:Interactive audio-visual


Merzbow has said that “Surrealism is also reaching unconsciousness.Noise is the primitive and collective consciousness of music.” This work is a project combined real-time audio feedback and self-organization system in an interactive way, trying to control the unpredictability and diversity with endless and evolving feedback effects, at the mean time visualizing the feedback noise through calculating the phase differences. “Sound as form, form as sound.” If we consider sound as “creatures of time”, then feedback seems to create a special relationship between sounds itself and the environment. Although the distorted and spacious effects are automatically generated by the sound itself, we can still interact with it as the sound is alive. The interoperation between emergent behaviors and edge of chaos makes the feedback system is more of less out of control, which means we improvise with the unpredictability. However, when people improvise with self-organization feedback system but still can feel the relation between instructions and the output sounding.

Developing Documentary Video

Pure Gold Festival,Southbank Centre, London, 2014.05

Audio-Visual Test Video


Max/MSP patch download

Please share how you get or what you are mainly working for if available, Max/MSP is not popular in Taiwan so your sharing will be very helpful for me to gain more ideas and improve my own works. Thanks.

Max/MSP, Feedback system, IIR function, Noise