The Notice- Design For Taipei 2021

Sound/Stories/Lenticular printing, 2021

Project Description

This site-specific sound installation was created using Wang Wen-Hsing’s novel “Family Catastrophe” as the prologue and the workshop co-creation as the body. The visual and acoustic elements are transformed into puzzles, piecing together a cross-section of times as the audience travels through the corridor. The ambient recordings, neighborhood images, and personal experiences of “lost” things collected by the workshop participants are like unconscious fragments of everyday life intertwined with the frequently published notices in old newspapers, embodying the poetic repetition and rhythm of the narrative.

2021 Design For Taipei

Concept Video


  • Artist: Po-Hao Chi
  • Space Design: Emma Zhu
  • Sound Design Assistant: Jin-Ting Yang
  • Project Manager: Sophie Chen
  • Organizer: