Phonovoltaic Effect 聲伏效應

媒材:Solar Panel、Surface Transducer、Audio equipment、Pot plant
發表地點:荷蘭V2動態媒體中心 (V2_Institute of unstable media)

本計劃再現了能量轉換的過程,選擇以太陽能板做為媒介,將光的頻率透過聲音具體化。呈現上,在V2駐村時的階段作品「Phonosynthesis 光合聲響」,包含了太陽能板、手搖發電裝置與懸掛的盆栽,由動能到光能,再轉換為電能後,透過接觸式喇叭由盆栽擴音,最後再由觀者接收包括光與聲音在內的狀態波動,可應用於展覽、表演或其他形式的合作。作品展出期間,觀眾創造聲音的同時,光與震動同時也影響了植物的生長。將自然或人為的光影變化,以細微的聲響流動將其具象化,反映自然界中種種不可預測性;在空間、人與感知的交互關係中,由另一角度體驗習以為常的物理現象,延伸能量轉換的可能並發展新音樂界面(New musical interface)。

This work can be considered as art driven by scientific fact, the abstract concept of energy transformation passes the physical rules to enable the viewer to evaluate the changes in the space. Energy transformation occurs all around us all the time, yet we are hardly ever aware of it. Inspired on the ability of plants to convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis, the installation Phonosynthesis converts light energy into chemical energy through a chain of energy conversions: The automatically controlled bulbs produce the lights, a solar panel transform this light into sound, and finally this sound is transformed into chemical energy inside the plants. The plants keep growing and affecting the sound during the exhibition period, just like a gradually evolving instrument playing an composition from the preprogrammed light pattern, giving the viewer a unique listening experience with both audible and visible feedbacks.

本作品為2014年國立台灣美術館與荷蘭V2動態媒體中心合作的駐村計劃,更多作品詳情可參考V2 official page


This work was realized as part of the Summer Sessions in a co-production between National Taiwan Fine Arts Museum and V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media.