Mobile devices, Webpage, Internet, HTML, Javascript, Customized software, 2019

RECEITER(s) imagines a machine version of recitation practice. It is a system that consists of mobile devices, voice assistant, and Web application. It generates and reconstructs sentences from Web-related texts, searching trends, and netizen comments. The connected devices repeat all the words afterward with built-in voice assistants. The viewer’s mobile device can join the recitation practice by opening a webpage. Making connections between the functionality and performativity of networked entities provides clues to the promise, circumstance, success and failures, and the adaptive capacity of the Internet.

Cisco company had introduced a commercial series “Empowering the Internet Generation” with images of conventional transportation and multiracial students prancing around to ask the viewer: “Are you ready?” in 2000, prompting the Internet desirable before the dot-com bubble burst. Today, there are numerous accents designed to represent races and citizenships in our voice assistants for users to choose. These synthesis voices were by-products when the Internet expanded its territory. They have embeded in our lives and move from the new to the habitual at the edge of obsolescence. Our machines intend to become more like us, and vice versa. Meanwhile, on the Web, the analytic, creative, and commercial efforts focus exclusively on figuring out what will spread and who will spread it the fastest. But what do we miss in this constant push to the future?

Any mobile device opening project webpage will join the recitation with a voice assistant name and scripts show on the screen.

List of voice assistant build in OSX system with various accents.